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MEMF: The Slavic Connection: West meets East and East meets West

  • UW-Madison Mosse Humanities Building 455 N. Park Street Madison, WI USA (map)

with Piffaro, the Renaissance Band

Madison Early Music Festival

Piffaro’s concert tells a fascinating tale of cross-cultural influence and engagement in the musical interaction between western and eastern composers from the late 15th century into the early 17th. Easterners studied and worked in western environs, most notably the Slovenian Jakob Handl in Vienna and the Transylvanian Bakfark in Paris and Padua, and many western composers occupied lofty musical positions or spent a portion of their professional careers at eastern courts, including Thomas Stoltzer and Johannes Stockem in Buda, among many other German and Flemish notables. Western sacred polyphony traveled east and settled in Slavic courts & cathedrals, and eastern dances, such as the Ungerische Tantz, the Passamezzo ongaro and the Ungarescha journeyed east and found homes in the dance publications of Mainerio in Italy, Praetorius in Germany and Attaignant in France. The concert samples this interaction with motets, traditional tunes, dances, instrumental canzonas and ricercars to give a vivid picture of music making in Slavic lands in the main Renaissance period.